Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Water temperature 9/14/09 6:20 PM

Present epic gifted moment.
The train lights are facing forward.
Short hair low cut corner fade.
Organic apple field, pleasant view.
Orchards of orchids.
So deeply in love with the immaculate twist.
Feed the jackrabbits carrots and bits.
Here it is,
Trumpets above the fire light,
Candles floating in tin cans of water,
A longer pause then the warming ocean.
Hands pulling from under up against the cup.
The crest, the iron rod of Horus placed against the chest.
Heavy eyes like mountains light lashes lift morning butterflies.
May the void be filled with creators excitement.
Floating above the cold moist grass.
The warmth of your foot,
The impeccable path beyond synchronistic chromosome concepts.
Archeological gene in a bottle,
Even or Odd particles
Orbiting around the darkness.
Polar opposites the holder sits,
Face to face with the obvious,
Now, has a name for it,
Always changing, before the first sparkling idea appeared.
In hall ways carved with rock stick and clay,
A mock version,
A pilgrimage lead by ant children.
A full service pit stop,
Containers full of the perfect quantity.
The monthly trinity,
Bells ring as wind chimes create melody.
Loud crickets mimic the sound of our ancestors necklace.
Rhythmic heart bowls of quartz reverberate into the infinite.
Wrinkles fill with water like valleys through the names.
The beauty of becoming, or what some say’s old age.
Carving out the compass for the sun to tell time,
Arms length away from three sixty nine.
Snap of the finger welcome divinity,
She had no need to knock she held the key.
Pulled the sword from the stone,
Tasted the serpentine drops on lava waves.
A monotone laugh,
August shadows of skeleton arms,
Branches from trees still awaiting march.
Arching head back hands holding foot.
Pressing the exact spot for adjusting your back.
Volume increased for sound waves to align vertebrae.
Tonality and rhythm of voice a healing serum.
Please note as your eyes cross these words,
Incredible Containers vessels of alchemy.
Transformation at such a force that almost any and all,
Can feel the sensation.
The whole heart beat, All at once an instantaneous transition.
Shift rippling racing,
Beyond the material gambit.
Strategy stress control counter culture vulture dance.
Hawk medicine, eagle talon massage session.
New born power animals that are your children.
Continual digestion registering as confirmative steps on word.
A Snake eating its tail slithers across my computer screen.
Leaving trails of liquid residue and a sent of Sandalwood.
Lapis Lazuli walk ways toward a sacred space.
Quick visit to La Paz,
Releasing any and all past painful experiences.
This very second as I breath this air,
As if every single word connects with every cell,
Surpassing the slightest grasp of what reality is.
Lucidly looking through the layers of time and space.
Thanking the teachers listeners visionaries who open gates,
Fearless leaders eager to lend a hand.
Homelessness and poverty no longer brushed under the bridge.
The earth reacts and begins to respond.
The memories of cleansing learning and repeating a song.
A corresponding note of change that intuitively lives on.
Sharing breath space with eyes of splendor.
The Moments before during and after forever.
Allow the heaviest earthly weight to rest on a pin,
A minuscule new born finger tip.

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