Sunday, December 6, 2009

That’s what I was doing 12/4/09 3:04 PM

I’m here for you, let me be the water In your well.
Her dreams are like spider webs.
Effortless fortitude.
Nutritional mantras formed by connection.
Pollination gardens with a vibrant fragrance.
Our grace with service reinventing the wheel.
Leading the way for seekers who use speakers for shields.
Healing hands of comfort warmth motivation.
Reflection similarities lectures as long as they need to be.
Living forever physically being both the cloud and sun beam.
The crowd around the room at night.
The circle around the moon. The story tellers breath control.
Articulation with clarity.
Your own style. The ability to share your heart.
How many layers are there around that.
What defines the meaning of the word.
Your sure answer will can describe it.
Wait so long in the back to be the pilot.
Your highness thank you for your guidance.
The driving directions where a bit mixed but together we found it.
Electronic current from being courageous and honest.
Transmuting that which sheds like skin.
I am man with a focused intent.
Arachnid third eye impressive fine print.
Dream berry fruit that tastes like a persimmon.
I am a women a mountain.
Remember the picture you sent.
A reflection in time as it was as it went.
Thoughts moving up stream love as it passes.
A river transforming the movement of passion.
Interaction talking together about the beauty.

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a way with words