We are in side here 1/10/11/10 4:12 PM

The time is different from where we are now.
Now we are their and the time is now.
Of course the exciting fun will always provide.
On the side of the road 8 horses wait.
Questions in an accent while on the way.
Looking for a sanctuary where koalas stay.
About two hours from Brisbane to Byron Bay.
Sun seems stronger here.
Big things on the horizon.
Earth shakes no longer.
She begins to adjust and shift changing climate.
He welcomes the commitment to companionship.
Countless hours spent counting the seconds.
Words become minutes hours are paragraphs.
Dialogue from creator back to creator.
Exchanging characteristics of incredible creativity.
Knowing that indefinite differences in others exist.
Fluctuating intention on certain subjects.
Focused driven to expand beyond.
Becoming the ever present, self master of will.
One willing to speak in the language of the bird.
Breathing in the world around us and praising its life force.
Proposition to postulate the problem.
It must be the mind of a genius to see that.
Heard with such clarity that the wind whispers reminders.
A society who’s highest aspirations are duck hunting.
Hiding from the hierarchy of simplicity.
A hello from a certain landscape design.
A child like presence a preservation of a tribe.
A tribe who’s drums sound like cave echoing halls.
And hands claps accompany the bouncing tone’s off the wall.
Warriors training flames holding a stillness to there movement.
The intricateness of a willow’s willingness to remain whole.
A single filament that filtered the forgotten meaning of mitosis.
Remember every amber burns with divine diligence .
I thank you for directing my attention to the core.
Your obvious obsession with observation is like that of my own.
As a young child running through the forest.
Impressed by the pride of loving focus.
A torch lit covered in mother of pearl, moonstone and fire opals,
Design of the open lotus in Quan Yin’s hands.
Pouring out salvations last sip of sensuality.
Taking heed and action.
Providing the layers of beauty to be seen.
Peeling back the artificial and unauthentic.


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